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Geared specifically with Disney Cast Members in mind, but relevant for anyone, Bible Study in a Box is a comprehensively short and comprehensibly fun guide that will leave those intimidated and uncertain about starting up a Bible Study feeling confident and equipped to lead one in 15 minutes or less - or your money back!

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This could be the summer that not only changes your life...but the world. You’ll open your life to experience the depth of the gospel of Jesus as you never have before, while being part of forever changing the world! With opportunities to work with students from over 60 countries around the world, the WDW Summer Mission has an unparalleled focus on building lifelong friendships with international and US students, while sharing life and the gospel of Jesus with them. You'll be helping lead the Cru at WDW ministry, with a guaranteed paid job at the world famous Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida, and living with an incredible community of new friends.  Scroll through the info below, check out our Common Questions Page including info on Ethnic Minority Scholarships, view Summer Missions Photos, and start your application today!



You’ll wake up every morning with a new adventure ahead of you, and an incredible community of friends by your side! One morning you’ll be meeting with friends challenging each other in living by faith, and the next day you’ll be surfing on Cocoa Beach! But community, discipleship, evangelism, prayer, men’s & women’s development, and adventure will fill every week. 

Then it’s off to work in the afternoon and evening at the Magic Kingdom theme park, where you'll be connecting with fellow Cast Members and Guests from around the world! 

In your spare time you might be meeting with a friend from South Africa or Japan as your invest in them as a new follower and leader for Christ. Or you might head over to a Disney park for a night of attractions and fireworks.

But the week isn’t complete without your Mainland Adventure! It’s a full day every week devoted to pushing your faith, exploring with friends, and seeing the gospel forever change the world. From international experiences to surfing, these days will forever mark your life.


There's no other job like it on Earth! Your job is already secured before you ever arrive this summer. You’ll work as a "Seasonal Cast Member" in a fully paid position at the most visited theme park in the world, the Magic Kingdom.  Alongside you will be fellow Summer Mission students, plus other college students from around the world who are interning on the WDW College Program. These will likely become some of your greatest friendships, as you see the gospel move in the lives around you. 

In addition to gospel-centered friendships from around the world, you will also walk away from the summer with training from the premiere company in customer service and the Walt Disney Company forever on your resume.  For many students, the Disney training you receive and Disney on your resume opens up future career opportunities in various fields.

Available roles for the summer are all entry-level positions and could include Merchandise or Quick Serve Food & Beverage. You will always be working in the afternooon or evening, often times late at night, as the Magic Kingdom can stay open as late at 2am. The number of hours you'll work each week will vary depending on park attendance and work location hours, with the possibility that one week you could work 40 hours and the following week not be scheduled for any hours.  You will receive a paycheck from Disney on a weekly basis, starting 2 weeks after you begin working.

You will work and carpool with at least 3 other students on the Summer Mission. A car is not required for the summer, but we HIGHLY recomend bringing a car if you are able.


You'll spend your summer in some of the best Summer Mission housing in the US, just outside the gateway to WDW!

You will live with other Summer Mission students in a fully furnished condo at the Calypso Cay Resort. All condos are fully furnished and include a full kitchen with dishes, pots, pans, silverware, and a washer and dryer. Every apartment includes phone, high speed Internet, & air conditioning. The resort complex also includes several pools, exercise facility, ropes course, and other amenities. Your housing is covered in the support you will raise for the summer mission.

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