Students on the WDW Summer Mission will be part of the Cru Summer Mission while working at WDW. Thus, you must be accepted by BOTH Cru and Disney.  We encourage you to apply as soon as possible as the summer mission can fill up before the application deadline.  

Here's how the application process works... 

1) Complete your online Cru Summer Mission application by clicking HERE

You will receive a phone call from one of the WDW Summer Directors regarding your application. If your Summer Mission application is accepted, you will move to step 2... 

2) Complete the Disney Employment Application Process 

After being accepted by Cru, you will receive instructions to begin your WDW employment application with our Disney recruiter who works specifically with our Summer Mission students. Do not begin the WDW employment process before we direct you to begin! The application process will include completing an online application, Web-Based Interview, and 10 minute telephone interview. 

This Summer Mission can fill up quickly, so we recommend you start and complete your application as soon as possible. Your application cannot be reviewed until it is FULLY complete (including references and application fee). To begin the online Summer Mission Application, click HERE now! 

For general Cru Summer Missions info including general application questions, visit the Cru Summer Missions website, or contact the WDWSM team leaders.