the coronavirus:

how God can comfort you in the midst of uncertainty

It’s no secret that the sudden onset of COVID-19, caused by the coronavirus, has become the central focus of the whole world, making many fear the uncertainty of what’s ahead. Everything feels chaotic and uncertain.

It’s necessary to take time to be real about the emotions you’re feeling — fear, anxiety, stress, confusion — but remember where you find your hope during times of uncertainty. We pray you find comfort in God’s presence today, remembering He has complete control and He is good.

Here are some resources to help you process the complexities of COVID-19.

know Jesus & explore God

We believe God has made it possible for us to know Him and be in relationship with Him. If you have a desire to know God or this idea even stirs your curiosity, follow the link below for details on how the Bible says we can know God. Would you like to know God personally?

Or do you have questions about life and God? is a safe place to explore questions about God. The website includes articles, videos, and insights about life, relationships, and God. You can even have a live chat with others about your questions. 

Check it out and feel free to contact any of our Staff with your thoughts.

train & grow is the digital home of all the ministry resources of Cru - everything intuitively organized, pretty to look at, and free to read, watch, listen, download, or share. 

So feel free to browse around, either by category or topic. Watch a video. Download a Bible Study. Listen to a talk. Read an article. Go nuts.

bible study in a box

Geared specifically with Disney Cast Members in mind, but relevant for anyone, Bible Study in a Box is a comprehensively short and comprehensibly fun guide that will leave those intimidated and uncertain about starting up a Bible Study feeling confident and equipped to lead one in 15 minutes or less - or your money back!

Download your free Bible Study in a Box PDF here.

Download the One Story Booklet here.

Download The Community Bible Study curriculum here.

Would you like a physical copy? Email us for more information!