God can use you as a volunteer to transform the lives of WDW interns for Christ

Step 1) Prayerfully consider the different opportunities below

Step 2) Complete our quick Volunteer Interest Form

Step 3) We will connect with you to provide the simple information, resources, and training you'll need as you join in the gospel of Jesus forever changes the lives, communities, and countries of WDW interns.

Worried about a long-term commitment? Don't! Given the unique nature of the Disney Programs, all volunteer opportunities run on a semesterly basis, from January-May or August-December.

Help Out with Big Events 

Every semester we have BIG outreaches, welcome events, holiday feasts, and more that require a whole host of helping hands. We'll invite you in advance so you can help plan these events and/or show up ready and willing to serve at them. 

Estimated time commitment: 1 event per month


We want each intern to be able to connect with someone one-on-one and clearly hear the gospel message- yet we often have more contacts than we can handle as a team. When you adopt-a-CP, you help relationally come alongside a Disney intern on their spiritual journey at Disney. A lot of this will depend upon one another's schedules and expectations, but we ask you be committed to meeting up once every other week. 

Estimated time commitment: 1 hour per week

Help Reach International Interns

Did you know that more than 60 countries from around the globe are sending thousands of young adults to work at Walt Disney World? We have an incredible opportunity in our backyard to reach the world. Join us in reaching the world through Walt Disney World- in a multitude of ways. 

Estimated time commitment: 2 hours per week

Help Reach Professional Interns 

Let's not forget: Disney also offers internships for career opportunities in collegiate areas of study, such as marketing, engineering, animal services, graphic design, and many more. These future leaders need the opportunity to be forever impacted. Help out with our specific Professional Intern ministry.

Use My Unique Talents & Spiritual Gifts 

Maybe you're skilled in photography, fundraising, teaching, social media, etc. Or maybe how God has gifted you and made you passionate to serve just doesn't fit in any of the above categories. That's ok! We'd still love to hear from you! 

Estimated time commitment: TBD

We believe all the people & resources needed to annually reach the 12,000 WDW interns are within proximity of WDW. 

Questions? Feel free to email us.


Other Ideas...

There are many more ways you can help in fulfilling the Great Commission:


  • Pray from home, work, or in the car for ministry needs. Get updated on monthly prayer requests.
  • Print off Cru posters and post at designated businesses frequented by WDW interns. We'll email you posters and a list of potential places to post them.
  • Partner with us financially.


  • Prayer Walk on WDW property for WDW interns and ministry needs (by yourself or with others). Or attend our weekly Prayer Meeting.
  • Provide weekly rides for WDW interns from Disney's Intern Housing to your church. Let us know and we can list you as a contact for those looking for a ride.
  • Keep our Cru Facebook Page & website updated each week with current event info as we send it to you.


  • Cru Coffeehouse: Lend a hand at our weekly Coffeehouse and help greet interns, make pancakes, or connect with interns.
  • Join us at any of our upcoming events.  Let us know you're coming so we can include you in the event.
  • Video/photography at any of our events to capture the moments and faces of the community of Cru.