ministry opportunities

God is moving around the globe- forever furthering His glory and Kingdom. And He is inviting you to be a part of it all! Whether you're a college student, Disney intern, full-time Cast Member, graduate, or church-goer...below are a few ways to get connected to what God is doing at Walt Disney World and around the world,

  • Find a Cru Near You

    Cru is active in over 200 countries and on over 2300 US university campuses, so chances are as you return home from your WDW internship, Cru is somewhere near you...

    USA: Locate a Cru Ministry at a College or University in the US

    International: Locate a Cru Ministry in your country

  • Cru Summer Mission

    Imagine a summer that could change cities, countries and continents around the globe while also forever transforming your life; a summer that propels you into a deeper walk with God and gives you greater confidence in making Him known; a summer that develops your leadership skills and begins friendships you’ll take with you throughout your life. For over 40 years, hundreds of thousands of students have taken advantage of Cru Summer Missions: a life-changing, world-rocking ministry opportunity through Cru. You could even be part of the Walt Disney World Summer Mission!

    For more information, visit Cru's Summer Missions website.

  • WDW Semester Mission

    Only at Walt Disney World, a one of a kind opportunity for college students to spend the spring semester forever changing the world all from one place...WDW! Embark on a spring semester-long adventure with Cru to see the gospel of Jesus forever change lives, communities, and countries around the world! You'll build friendships with students from over 60 countries, launch groups that could span to cities across the globe, all while gaining “real world” experience interning with the WDW College Program. The Semester Mission is ideal for students desiring a level of leadership and ministry beyond a Cru Summer Mission.

    For more information and to apply, click the Semester Mission at Walt Disney World.

  • Global Missions

    As crazy as it seems, God not only invites us, but he commands us to be part of the greatest mission that has ever been given to any person on the Earth. That mission is to bring the eternal, life changing news of Jesus to the world, and help develop people into life-long followers and leaders for Jesus.

    And God has also called us to do this together in community. So join Cru for a summer abroad, a year-long international internship, or a lifetime of ministry around the world through the many Cru Global Missions opportunities.

  • Volunteer & Partner

    We believe that we cannot do it alone and that all the people & resources needed to annually reach the 16,000 WDW interns are within proximity of WDW. Join in the gospel of Jesus forever changes the lives, communities, and countries of WDW interns. More information on volunteering, donating, and praying can be found under our Partner tab.

  • Intern

    Spend a year being part of forever changing the world for Christ at WDW, while also being intentionally developed in ways that will shape the rest of your life and ministry! Interning with Cru at WDW includes being fully part of the Cru staff team as you engage in weekly evangelism, discipleship, and sending of the 12,000 students coming through the WDW. You'll also recieve weekly development with your staff coach, lead aspects of the ministry, and be part of a team.

    Join us in a One Year Internship! All positions are paid through support. For questions, email our team leader, Chad.

  • Staff

    It’s one of the most unique opportunities anywhere: being part of God forever changing lives, communities, & countries...all at WDW. Our Cru staff team at WDW is focused year-round on being a blessing to WDW as we bring the gospel to the over 12,000 annual WDW interns, build them up into life-long leaders for Jesus, and send them back home to the world. We work with WDW interns, local volunteers, & partners to see the world forever changed. 

    Come be a part of what God is doing! We have both Full-Time and Part-Time Opportunities, or One Year Internships. All positions are paid through support. For questions, email our team leader, Chad.