Following the latest guidance and with the safety and well-being of everyone in mind, Cru at WDW will not host any gatherings in person until further notice. Instead, you can stay connected to our weekly events virtually via Zoom.

Please note all times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time.

We recommend that you go ahead and download the Zoom app to your computer and/or phone. You can download the app here.

  • Online Coffeehouse

    Thursdays 12-1pm EDT

    Join our weekly Coffeehouse at:

    We encourage you to brew some coffee, cook some pancakes, and set aside an hour to join Disney interns from across the US and around the world for our weekly Coffeehouse! Hang out with new friends, play games, and jump into a discussion about relevant life topics. 

  • Online Bible Study Groups

    Tuesdays 12-1pm EDT

    Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm EDT

    Join our weekly Tuesday Bible Study at:

    Join our weekly Wednesday Bible Study at:

    We encourage you to set aside an hour to jump into life together, discuss a relationship with God, the Bible, real life and being on mission together with God.

  • Prayer "Walkie-Talkies"

    Mondays 9-10am EDT

    Join our weekly Prayer Gathering at:

    We encourage you to set aside an hour to join us for a time of praying for God's healing, protection, and leading. Feel free to go for a walk on your own around your neighborhood as we pray together- while still remaining 6 feet away from others, of course.


  • The Dinner Table

    Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm EDT

    Join our weekly Dinner Table at:

    Moving forward, Professional Interns and Managerial Interns have the opportunity to gather in a unique way in the upcoming weeks. We encourage you to set aside an evening to come to where conversations can start over food and drink, where lifelong friendships begin through a party game, and where you can begin to learn more about who you are and why we are here.

    Come and discover where you are meant to belong. You have a seat here at The Dinner Table.

Also, if you'd like to receive timely text updates about what's going on in Cru, you can send a text message to 40404, exactly as written here: 

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