How do I raise support for the Summer Mission? 

Upon acceptance to the Summer Mission, you will receive resources and training from Cru in raising your support to cover the financial costs of the summer. The most important part of support raising is that you're trusting God to provide your support, while being responsible to take the necessary steps of faith He is asking you to take.

What does the financial support cover?

The financial support covers your housing, development materials, summer project event costs, and the project overhead costs.

Do I make money over the summer?

Yes! Your paid job at Walt Disney World will already be in place when you arrive for the summer. Most students will work in Quick Serve Food & Beverage at the Magic Kingdom. You will receive a paycheck from Disney every week starting the 2nd week of working.

Can I arrive late or leave the Summer Project early?

Due to the critical training that occurs at the start of the Summer Project, you cannot arrive to the Summer Mission late. If you need to leave the Summer Project up to 1 week early for an unchangeable event, you may contact the Summer Directors for consideration. Early departures must be cleared by both the Directors and Disney.

Can I apply for a specific job role at WDW, like Entertainment?

Because of the special partnership we have with WDW, the only job roles available to our Summer Mission students are entry-level positions in specific areas at the Magic Kingdom. There are no Entertainment or other job roles available for our Summer Mission students. If you are interested in an Entertainment role at WDW and being part of helping lead with Cru at WDW, consider our spring Cru Semester Mission at WDW.

Can I use a previous application with WDW?

Due to the unique nature and partnership of the WDW Summer Mission with Disney, you must apply with WDW via the Disney application and phone interview (see the Apply section for more information). Any interviews done with WDW (whether on campus or in a previous semester) do not apply for this unique summer opportunity. 

If I'm not accepted by Disney, can I still apply for another Summer Mission?

If your Summer Mission application is accepted, but you are not extended a job offer by Disney, your Summer Mission application will immediately be forwarded to your next Summer Mission preference on your application.

Should I bring my car?

If you have a car, we HIGHLY recommend bringing it for the summer. This will make things more convenient for you over the summer, and it will also help the entire Summer Mission as we will need enough cars to get everyone to and from work and for all Summer Mission events. However, if you cannot bring a car, you will be able to carpool to and from work and to project events with fellow summer project students. You will have the same work location and schedule with at least 3 other Summer Mission students. Parking at the housing complex is provided.

Can my family or friends come to visit me over the summer?

Being at WDW for the summer, we know that your family or friends may want to come visit you. However, we have discovered in the past that family/friend visits have greatly distracted students and hurt the Summer Mission as a whole. Work and Summer Mission activities cannot be missed over the summer. Thus, after work and project activities, you will have little to no time to spend with your family if they were to visit. Thus, we highly discourage family or friends from visiting you over the Summer Mission. I'm an International Student studying in the US. 

If I'm an International Student, can I apply for the WDW Summer Mission?

Depending on your major and university as an international student, you may be able to secure approval from your university to work at WDW for the summer and be part of the WDW Summer Mission. Majors that relate to tourism or business are more likely to be approved by your university. Contact the Summer Directors before applying for the Summer Mission for more info.

Is Goofy a horse or a dog?

Like Pluto, Goofy is a dog.

Have additional questions?

Have a question not answered here?  Visit the WDWSM application page for more info, or email one of the WDWSM team leaders: Kevin Dennis.