Welcome to Cru!

We desire to be a caring community for Walt Disney World interns that’s passionate about finding the ultimate life in Jesus Christ, and forever changing the world around us. We're part of the worldwide ministry of Cru, and we're here to help WDW interns connect in community, serve interns' needs, and be a resource to explore and grow in a relationship with God.

Whether it's at our weekly Pizza Night, Bible Study Groups, or many other events and opportunities, feel free to watch, explore, or jump in and be part of what we’re about!



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    Chad graduated from Penn State University and is now the Team Leader with Cru at WDW after being on the team for 4 years. He has worked at Walt Disney World over the past 7 years in various roles (his favorite of which has been Parades & Entertainment) and has completed two Disney College Programs. Chad loves movies, running, and ice cream.


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    Jana graduated from the University of Central Florida and is now the Team Leader with Cru at WDW. While in college, she worked part time and seasonally dancing in some of the shows and parades at Disney. Jana loves staying active, watching sitcoms, and eating ice cream!


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    Lindsey graduated from Miami of Ohio University and before WDW, was on staff with Cru in the Netherlands, Macedonia, and Ohio. Lindsey loves the international flavor of what God is doing at WDW. She enjoys being married to the man of her dreams, Kevin, and loves playing with friends at the parks, in the sun, at the beach!

  • Ellyn Koehler

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    Ellyn graduated from New Mexico State University where she interned with Cru for a year before serving with Cru in Asia. Ellyn Loves that Disney offers a place where she can see life change happen like it did for her in college, but is also a place where the world can be reached. Ellyn enjoys any hobby that draws out people’s personalities. Some simple joys in her life are connecting with others and being an aunt.

  • Jonathan Engebretsen

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    Jonathan graduated from Dickinson State University, in the barren, cold winter-land known as North Dakota.  He has been on staff with Cru for 11 years, at both Dickinson State University and the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse.  He is currently part time with Cru here at Disney and am also pursuing a Master's of Divinity at a seminary here in Orlando. Jonathan loves frisbee golf, volleyball, swing dancing, and...his guilty pleasure right now is Pokemon Go. 


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    Lindley graduated from Appalachian State University and is now searching for ministry partners to be on staff with Cru at WDW. She has worked on the Digital Marketing team at Cru Headquarters while volunteering her time with Cru at WDW. She loves hanging out with friends, photography and finding the next best restaurant at Disney!


We believe in the person of Jesus Christ and in his death and resurrection. We believe God created us to be in relatioship with Him and to reflect His glory. However, because of our sin (our imperfection), we were separated from God and His perfect standard. God, in response, sent His son Jesus to live on this earth perfectly and to die in our place. Our sin earned us the penalty of death (separation from God for eternity) but Jesus' death on the cross was to pay that penalty for us. Now, we can, through receiving and trusting in Jesus, have a relationship with our living God and know that we will be with Him for eternity. 

Want to know more? Check out Cru's official Statement of Faith.